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Travel smart.
Travel well.
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My Travel Health
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Travel Health and Wellness LLC
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My Travel Health is based on content licensed from Mayo Clinic and helps travelers safeguard their health before, during and after travel. This App is developed by experienced travel medicine consultants from Mayo Clinic, focusing on your health during travel and provides tips for preventing and handling illnesses while traveling. My Travel Health also allows users to enroll in the U.S. State Department STEP program to receive in-country security alerts, provides country-specific vaccination recommendations from the CDC, and stores critical information such as passport/visa records, immunization records and allergy alerts. It's the one travel resource that gives you important travel and health-related information from three key authorities: Mayo Clinic, U.S. State Dept and the CDC.

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receive local alerts

All the latest safety alerts are simply a touch away. App users can quickly enroll in Smart Travel Enrollment Program (STEP) by the U.S. State Department. STEP is a free service that allows U.S. citizens/nationals traveling abroad to register with the local U.S. Embassy and Consulate. If there is an alert sent out by the local Embassy or Consulate, you'll know immediately.

A world of information

Choose from over 200 destinations/countries and the app will provide specific information regarding immunizations that are recommended/required for the selected destination. Keep in mind that proof of certain vaccination may be required for certain destinations.

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traveling with your pet

Make sure you’ve got your pet’s paperwork wherever you go—and bring it back with you, too. The United States expects the same documents regardless of whether your pet is a first-time traveler to the United States or is a returning from an international trip.

health tips from travel health physicians

When you travel you are exposed to conditions that are beyond your control. However, you can be prepared to face these conditions. Being informed is your best medicine to face these conditions. My Travel Health App provides tips from Travel Health Physicians for common travel-related illnesses, such as travelers diarrhea, malaria, respiratory infections, blood clots, heat exhaustion. Content is stored natively so no internet is required to access the information once you download the app.

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Keep your critical info

Tired of pulling your passport and visa out to fill out customs and immigration forms on board aircraft? What if you lose your passport while traveling? We’ve got your covered. My Travel Health App provides separate sections for safely storing information and pictures of your passport, visa and driver’s license.

Keep your vital health information in your pocket. The app lets you store immunization records, your doctor’s contact information, a list of allergies, medication information (pictures of pills, dosages, frequency) and your health insurance information. 

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